Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms among netizens because of only one reason. Do you know what is it? Instagram is known for having the most vibrant, beautiful and eye-catching feed. But what makes Instagram feed? All the posts you see as you open your Instagram comes under Instagram feed. Whatever a business, company, individual chooses to posts on their own Instagram profile makes it their Instagram feed. For any business/company, it’s really important to have an appealing Instagram feed from the marketing point of view.

An attractive Instagram feed has its own benefits. A business can actually boost its sales, increase its customers, its conversion rates and gain a lot more from having an enriched and beautiful Instagram feed. 

Did you know embedding hashtag feed on the website also acts as including many testimonials of your brand as it also includes posts from users too? They add to the social proof of your brand and your new customers can trust you better and easier. 

As more than 75% of the users read online reviews and base their purchasing decision after going through testimonials, reviews and ratings, embedding UGC Instagram feed on websites enable customers to make the final decision hastily.

One of the major factors that decide a website’s performance is to dwell time. By embedding Instagram feeds on the homepage, brands can increase the average time a visitor spends on the website before going back to search results. Instagram feeds on a website also boosts KPIs and encourages visitors to keep coming back for more updates on your products. 

By embedding or fetching feeds from Instagram to the website, one can easily direct Instagram traffic/users to the website too and vice versa is also true. 

As a positive side-effect of adding Instagram feed on a website is that it also increases the number of followers on Instagram itself. How? When it comes to following a business page, users are generally picky. However, when the same users see a brand featuring its consumers on the website page, they too want to be a part of that campaign. Result? They get featured on your website, you get followers on the Instagram page. Not to forget that they will be re-visiting the website to see their posts again and again. So, all in all, a win-win scenario! 

It bridges the gap between social and digital presence of the company. 

There are various ways in which you can fetch feeds from Instagram to the website. Here are some of the easiest ways to do so and requires no professionalism or special knowledge.

1. Using Instagram’s official embedding tool

No, you don’t need to download or access a special embedding tool for this. All it requires is to visit the Instagram post you want to embed through the ‘web’ and not through application. Note that this only allows you to embed a single post at a time and not the whole feed.

You need to follow in certain steps such as clicking on the sidebar of the specific post you want to embed. Thereafter, get the embed code after clicking on the ‘Embed’ option and paste the same URL embed code into your website. You can choose to embed any post with or without captions too. That’s it you are done! With this, you have to individually select posts you want to see on your website.

2. Using social media aggregator tools

There are various top-notch tools in the market that enable you to embed your Instagram feed on the website for free. These tools are termed as social media aggregator tools. The prime job is to fetch worthy Instagram feed related to your business, convert it into a presentable form and then embed the same on your website in different ways. These fetch feeds from Instagram in a much-advanced manner. There is nearly no effort required from your side on using these.

These tools are really helpful if your company indulges and runs UGC camping often. In such cases, social media aggregator tools can help in fetching the user-generated content and make any hashtag campaign successful by displaying UGC on the website. These tools can turn your Instagram feed attractive by using beautiful themes and provides customizable feed styles too. Also, they provide an option of Analytics where you can track the performance of the embedded posts.

Some of the amazing social media aggregator tools in the market include Taggbox, HootSuite, Embed Social, etc.

3. Using WordPress plugins

Another easiest way to fetch Instagram feed on the website is through WordPress plugins. Various WordPress plugins are absolutely free to use. One such plugin in Instagram Feed WD. Other WordPress plugins that can leave you amazed are Smashballoon, Feed Them Social and many others. Each of these plugins is unique in their own way.

If you are choosing Instagram WordPress WD for fetching feeds from Instagram to the website, this tool is completely responsive, easy to integrate and has several customizable feed styles you can choose from. The various other advantages of using this plugin include it being SEO friendly, works with a shortcode, add feed based on hashtags and others.

It will also let you choose your Instagram feed to show in either real-time or chronological order as per your wish.

With this, we are sure you have already convinced yourself to make your Instagram feed much more vibrant, fresh and bulky. Also, incorporate more hashtags and give the customers reason to mention your Instagram profile as much as possible. 

Fetching feeds from Instagram to the website has more benefits than we can fathom. With a definite increase in traffic, conversion rates, higher search rankings there will be high sales, high customer reliability and building of the brand image.

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