Almost every one of us wishes to gain knowledge of a greater vocabulary. But most of us also do not seem to carry the time with us for enrolling in a course or simply browse the dictionary. The current world is completely powered by technology. So why don’t we employ our Smartphone as there is no other robust tool than this for learning new words? Start using the best writing mobile apps for reinforcing the command over the English language. With these apps improving vocabulary becomes a lot more fun. Let us look at the various applications that are helping numerous people presently.

  • Hello English – The best mobile application for improving your English vocabulary is Hello English. This app envelope every aspect of this language that incorporates vocabulary, reading skills, grammar, spoken skills, spelling, etc. While getting started it is recommended to go through a precise test for evaluating your English know-how after selecting your native language. The application will then offer you a lesson that is applicable to you.

The reason why this is the best mobile writing app is that it comprises 475 interactive curriculums & the difficulty level keeps on enhancing as well. Most importantly, you can get hands-on beginner lessons absolutely for free. As you keep on progressing, to various levels, you will have the chance of earning coins as well. With these coins, you can unlock several other lessons.

  • Flowlingo – When browsing through a lot of vocabulary improvement apps, you might get confused. But if you stick with Flowlingo, you will benefit a lot. The app employs immersion techniques for helping you gain fluency over the English language. There are individual tabs accessible for videos, books, websites, music & one tab for the words that you are learning. As you pick the target language, you will be able to witness loads of content in that particular language. For instance, the app integrates links to renowned websites from Wikipedia, BuzzFeed, CNN, etc.

While you read a book, there are difficulty levels like Basic and Max that you can select from. There will be the translation for each word on Basic and nothing of that sort with Max.

  • Duolingo – Among the various apps to improve vocabulary, this is one of the best writing mobile apps for beginners as they can use it for free. Simply start by picking your target language such as English & also the native language. Select your daily objective & evaluate whether you wish to initiate from the beginning or undergo a placement test for assessing your language skills. Every lesson in this app comprises numerous modules. It is important that in this app you move via the material successively & keep on unlocking various sections for progressing.
  • Beelinguapp – Do you want to hire android app developer for developing your own writing mobile application as you want to help people gain control over the English language? If so, you must first begin by studying a bit about other writing applications so that you can know the important elements that need to be included. For instance, the app called Beelinguapp employs audiobooks for helping people learn various languages. You can choose a novel in that language that you wish to learn and also simultaneously read the text in your own language. It is even possible to read the news in the native language and add various words to the glossary.
  • – One of the best vocabulary builder apps, through, you can actually learn & enhance English vocabulary in a scientific manner. You will get hands-on a simplified learning procedure as the application influences gamification & artificial intelligence. Excelling in vocabulary is very effective with this application as you will discover numerous multimedia aids, a plethora of courses & word games.  Courses that are available are usual English phrasal verbs, vocabulary builder of numerous levels, etc. Depending on what you select, you will witness bite-sized substances getting unlocked via notifications.
  • AnkiDroid Flashcards – As one of the finest vocabulary expanding apps, AnkiDroid Flashcards is quite a popular one. No matter what device you are using, you can download this application with ease and use it. After signing in to your account, click on the Import File button for importing your very own bunch of words. There is massive documentation of shared flashcard decks as well that you can benefit from. It is recommended to begin with Anki’s 4000 essential English words & The companion Android application for Anki is AnkiDroid. You can craft the fresh flashcards as you tap on the blue plus button. Once you are completely familiar with the app’s flashcards, you can focus on fabricating your own custom vocabulary list.
  • Vocabulary builder – Among the numerous vocabulary enhancing apps, this is a highly popular one as it assists you in learning words that are exam-level for numerous competitive examinations. There are three sections within the application – general words for GMAT & GRE, English learner words for IELTS & TOEFL and high school words for SAT & ACT. After you select a section, you will see multiple categories like Basic, Intermediate & Advanced and other levels within every category. You will be encountering a plethora of multiple-choice questions on every level. All you need to do is select the correct meaning. There is no need to worry even if you answer some questions wrongly. This is all a part of the entire learning procedure.

Wrapping up

You can now get started right away after learning about the best writing mobile apps. The best vocabulary building apps will help you in expanding your professional opportunities, fortify your overall academic development and enhance your perception as well. There are loads of easy to use applications available in the current times. But after getting hold over your preferred language, if you want to give others the opportunity of increasing their vocabulary know-how, you can hire mobile app developers for building your very own app. When knowledge is shared, its value automatically increases. Contact us today for a brighter future.

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