QuickBooks Hosting, also known as QuickBooks Cloud or Hosted QuickBooks offers a number of advantages when it comes to security, cost efficiency, ease of use, efficiency of work and access to data, thus, providing any business with the much required competitive edge.

Following are some of the most acclaimed perks of Hosted QuickBooks:

Elevated Security

The major issue arises when we move to cloud hosting is security and privacy of data. Data theft can prove fatal to any firm so it is important that all the data is in safe hands. Hence, it becomes necessary to select the hosting provider carefully that offers reliable hosting services. When service provider’s credibility is at stake, it will ensure maximum safety possible and not let the client down. Privacy is ensured by data encryption and password protection. A lot of money is spent on the part of the service providers to save the data from being compromised and fall prey to data theft. A separate team of professionals is maintained to handle such circumstances. Also, the data backup is also maintained.

Heightened Collaboration and Efficiency

As many users are working at the same time from remote locations and files are often being sent forth and back, making the required amendments, adding attachments there is a chance of file corruption and content loss. Hosted QuickBooks solve this issue as data back- up is maintained. Also, the data and files exchanged are stored centrally so that all the team members working on the same project have access to the data that is being shared, thereby, multiplying their collaboration efficiency.

Support from Technical Expertise

Another issue that users often faced was the lack of customer support and cloud came as a saviour to their rescue. Customer faced nil or a very little support  in case of issues due to lack of access to the customer support team due to various reasons geographical factors being one of it. Even if they do get in touch, there was no recording of client’s data and such data is inaccessible due to various other reasons like storage issue, or change of staff. With hosted QuickBooks, the client will get 24*7 support all around the year, which will help to resolve any trouble that comes with the smooth functioning of any firm.

Cost Reduction and Increased Productivity

When QuickBooks is hosted by Cloud Service provider, one doesn’t need to spend a huge chunk of money in buying and maintaining equipment. This reduces capital expenditure and the firm don’t need to invest in facilities, hardware, or infrastructure for their business growth.

Global data access

For the smooth operation of any firm, access to data should be 24*7 with minimum downtown. With hosted QuickBooks, you can have the access to data all around the year. Also, many clients fear that once they are in some remote location, they will lose access to their data, but with hosted QuickBooks they can relax as data is available to them globally; all that is needed is an internet connection and a device like a laptop or cellular phones.

Competitive Edge

A business can achieve a maximum dividend only if its cost of production is less. Thus, with minimum input maximum output is availed. Hosted QuickBooks does exactly the same for a firm. A lot of time and money is wasted to get new applications and services. One need not worry about availing the best IT team, Hosted QuickBooks service providers eliminates this problem very well. It provides a competitive edge to any business.

Thus, moving a business to the Hosted services may seem quite a daunting thing to do at first, but one needs to overcome these fears and embrace this amazingly superb technology that can take any business to a new high.

About Nicolina Martin

Nicolina Martin is a technical content writer at MyQbHost, a QuickBooks hosting company. Her writing showcases the trending cloud accounting technology along with advice, info, and tips on the same topic, which helps SMEs and accounting professionals to stay updated.