The most important asset your business has is the employees that run the company. That’s why investing your profits in the team spirit and good relations between the employees is so important. This can often be improved without investing too much and without too much additional work from your HR team.

The key to doing so is to know your employees and their needs. That way, you will have a plan of where to improve and what to work on during the team building exercises.

A sense of purpose

It often feels like a job is something that needs to be done instead of something that gives the employees a sense of purpose. Those who work on a project that really matters to them and that has a great impact on the world tend to be more productive and better organized.

One of the best ways of accomplishing this is to connect your company with a worthy cause and to help make the world a better place. The employees should choose the cause that your company will get behind.

Create mentorship programs

Employees usually want to grow and expand their abilities on the job. That way, the job feels like more than just a thing you do to get money and becomes a part of your life. Mentorship programs are a great way to accomplish this since they will help you learn on the job and expand your understanding of the industry.

A mentorship is also important for older employees who provide the expertise. That way, they stay in contact with the younger employees and, therefore, engaged with the changes in the market. These programs can be organized and structured as you need them to.

A good work/life balance

One of the hardest things about working for a young company is the fact that a labor shortage, but plenty of work to be done. This creates a rather bad work/life balance and the employees end up having problems in both their personal life and on the job.

Simply put, employees need to have enough personal time to have active social lives and to stay rested and productive. In the long run, this is more important and even more lucrative than working hard at all times.


Team activities that are enjoyed after work can help bring the employees closer together and understand each other better. Sports are usually the best way to go because there’s a competition element to them and because they are engaging. Rugby is a rather obvious choice since it requires teamwork and keeps the players energized and engaged at all times.

To make it even better, you might want to have the teams compete for rugby trophies to make things more interesting by adding more competition to the game. Have in mind, though, that you don’t want to create bad blood between coworkers, so keep things civil and friendly.

Taking a short trip

One of the best ways of bringing your team together is to take a short trip together. That’s something that gives you a chance to bond and to see how your employees work and interact in an environment outside of work. It’s also a welcome vacation after hard work.

This is especially important for new businesses in which the employees don’t know each other that well yet. At the same time, these new businesses are also small enough for the management to organize a trip for the whole company at once.


Employees need to know that their work is being appreciated. The management needs to let them know that their work has helped the company and that it’s valued by it. These rewards can come in the form of bigger paychecks and bonuses, or in the form of some perks. However, they don’t need to be something you pay for at all.

Sometimes it’s enough for the employees to know that their work is being appreciated and that you value their contribution. It’s important for these rewards to be presented publicly and in a transparent way. That way, the process is fair and open.


A positive team spirit isn’t just making your corporate life easier; it’s also a way to make the business more productive and more lucrative. Your employees are an important resource for your company and you should put an effort into fine tuning this resource as much as you can.

At the same time, it’s a chance to help your employees get to know each other and become friends in a meaningful way that goes beyond the job. That’s something you can’t put a price tag on and that makes your business stand out from all the others in your field.

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